Immune Boosting

Our hectic lives have a tendency of running our immune system down and out. A healthy immune system protects us from the threats that constantly bombard us like a body of armour. There are many ways to make sure your immune system functions properly. Therefore, using essential oils is a brilliant choice. 

Frankincense essential oil is a potent immune system booster at a cellular level – it aids the body in creating additional while blood cells that combat harmful pathogens and diseases. Our Tao body oil has been formulated with the highest grade of Frankincense to penetrate your skin and boost your immune system.

How to use: Squeeze a few drops of the oil into the entire body on damp skin and massage gently for a few minutes or until oil dissolved into the skin.

*Tip: Apply oils preferably nighttime or anytime your body is at rest or when your immune system feels weak. Apply regularly to prevent your immune system from weakening.