Welcome to Kallis (pronounced Ka-lees) 

My name is Alazar Kafle, and I am super excited to share our beautiful story with you. Thank you so much for coming. 

Let’s start with the name. Kallis is an Estonian word meaning Precious. If you don’t think of your skin as precious, please start now. 

My journey to creating Kallis began during my European travels while desperately searching for meaning and purpose in my life. Not a bad backdrop right? 


The lushes greens, stunning architecture, endless museums, stunning fashion of individual creativity, and heavenly perfumeries & skincare. 

I love creativity. Minimalism that speaks loud and stands stoic. It withstands the test of time and taste. Uncompromising but flexible. An abundance of strength. And always on the side of nature than nurture. 

I’ve always wondered, what allows such infinite existence and creative integrity? How does one create such longevity? 

After years of research and guidance, I found my answer. 


If you create a solid foundation, it will last. 

And what’s a better foundation than mother earth? What’s a plant without a seed? The answer I found was NOTHING. 

I was fascinated that European regulations don’t allow toxic ingredients in skincare products. Skincare is the holy grail of our sheer existence. A culture high on aesthetic and wellbeing conforms and commits to natural beauty. What you apply on your skin, eventually goes into the bloodstream and subsequently reflects on your skin . Your skincare is too precious to be compromised. 

When I returned home, I saw my sister apply Shea butter on my nephew who was born with eczema and Psoriasis. It was instant. What if your moisturizer was also healing, therapeutic and came with infinite benefits? 

Kallis was created with a promise to create a solid foundation of natural ingredients that blossoms and not pollutes your skin. All of our products have 4 ingredients or less. We give you more of less by eliminating confusing ingredients that don’t blend well. Our oils are moisturizing, therapeutic, healing and fabulous on your skin. We have sourced out Shea(from Ghana) as our main carrier and essential oils (from France to Egypt) as the fuel that will ignite flawless skin. If true beauty is within, let us channel your outer layer. 

In a retail world consumed more by cost efficiency and not human cells acidity or Cancer, I took it upon myself to create a natural product without toxic ingredients. If you have the same vision and desire as we do when it comes to your skincare, we are stoked to have you join our journey. 

Thank you for visiting us. Please come as much as you like.